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Companies Are Losing Online Customers in Less Than a Second What Can You Do?

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Did you know that as many as 95% of internet users will decide whether a company website deserves their business in one second or less? Your website needs to stand out, and grab customers within that second. If it does not, you will lose customers. How can you keep customers, sales, and profits rising?

Strong Web Design

Customers are impatient, waiting only 5 seconds for a webpage to load. If a site takes any longer than that, consumers take their business elsewhere. Make that your company site is up to speed, literally, and stay in business.

Know the Tricks of the Trade

The best website designers know all of the tricks. What are some

Old SEO Tricks May Be Jeopardizing the Future of Your Company

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Seo reseller programs

Trust scores and algorithm updates are weeding out the fakers. Half attempts at SEO and SEO shortcuts no longer work. Keyword stuffing, article spinning, and link harvesting are in the past, and companies that continue to use them are going to suffer for it. How can you make sure your company is moving forward, not back?

Creating Unique and Valuable Content

No more shortcuts, right? That means articles that do not make sense, and articles without value, are going to “bounce back.” Companies can make certain their content sticks, and earns top search engine rankings, by writing thoughtful and useful content. Well written content drives sales, with as many as 61% of consumers admitting that they are more inclined to make a purchase after reading original content.

Insubstantial content

How To Choose the Right Nursing Home

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Nursing home in baltimore

Although it is a saddening topic, but when people grow older they tend to require much more care and attention, and sometimes this can be overwhelming for certain people. In these busy lives people live today, not many of them have the time to constantly be watching over a loved one in need, nor do many people have the knowledge and skill set to do so. This is why skilled care nursing facilities and having skilled nursing care at home play such a primitive role in many peoples lives.

Often times, elderly people are widowed and simply become lonely, so the idea of putting them in a senior living facility makes sense. But in many other situations, whether it be a grandparent, aunt or uncle, or even a parent, these people require much more assistance than just a place to live and interact with people

Who Can File for Bankruptcy?

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How to file bankruptcy online

When you have too much debt and no way to repay it, bankruptcy is available to help resolve this issue. But who can file bankruptcy? Although there are six chapters of bankruptcy offered in the United States, not everyone may qualify for a specific chapter. While there are benefits of filing bankruptcy, which can include diminishing or even completely erasing your debt, it is important to understand each chapter of bankruptcy in order to determine which one may be right for you. The following are the most common bankruptcy chapters filed.

1. Chapter 7 bankruptcy laws. Chapter 7 is the most commonly filed form of bankruptcy in the United States, as it offers immediate relief of all debts. According to Bankruptcy Code, Chapter 7

Military DITY Move Can Save Stress and Cash

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Dity calculator weight money military

For Major Donald Fredenrich, moving was a more daunting concept than anything he had faced in his 19 years in the service. “After being on the same post for years, I was reassigned when my base was closed in a budget move,” he said. “When you are in one place for so long, you tend to accumulate a lot of stuff.” Most concerning to Fredenrich was his collection of vintage firearms. “I don’t trust those things to anyone,” he said, “and I had nightmares of them being damaged, destroyed or vanishing en route to the new house.”

Fredenrich is not alone in his fears. Moving is only behind death and divorce in a recent ranking of stressful life events, and that stress is often compounded for those in military service, as military moves often involve the troublesome combination of difficult it

Three Tips for Finding the Best Italian Restaurants in Chesapeake VA

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Pizza in norfolk

If you are in the Chesapeake, VA area looking for italian restaurants, there are plenty from which to choose. Everybody loves Italian food, so it’s no surprise that there are several choices of Italian restaurants in Chesapeake VA. But of course, not all italian restaurants in Chesapeake VA are created equally. Some Italian restaurants can offer many services and options besides just some pizza in Chesapeake. Here are some things to look for if you want to find the best Italian restaurants in Chesapeake VA.

1. The first thing you want to look for in Italian restaurants in Chesapeake VA (and, really any type of restaurant) is the use of good, quality ingredients. While this is obvious for any restaurant, you’d be surprised by how many think they can trick the customer into paying more for less quality. High

CloudNine Discovery in Houston TX

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CloudNine Discovery

14655 Northwest Fwy

Houston, TX 77040


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CloudNine Discovery simplifies the eDiscovery process through innovative technology and services. We support our clients throughout the eDiscovery life cycle, providing professional services consulting, early case and data assessment, computer forensics, Electronic Discovery processing and easy to use, self-service eDiscovery review software platform. We license our software as a service (SAAS) applications to clients through affordable managed hosting and cloud storage for the legal community. We have over 100 authorized resellers across the United States and Canada.

Four Features to Check Out on Online Entertainment Sites

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Entertainment weekly online

If music, fashion, television, or movies are among your favorite hobbies, then the internet is your source for the very best entertainment news online. Entertainment Tonight online and Entertainment Weekly online cover all of the above in detail, daily. It is easy to lose a few hours exploring the latest news, gossip, and trends, even if you do not particularly care about celebrities! Take it from me. I do not even have cable and this overload of online entertainment keeps me amused.

These sites are so big and cover so much that you might miss out on some of the most useful features! In my opinion, these are four features of the online entertainment sites that you want to be sure to check out.

1. Family Entertainmen

The Best Online Magazines Feature Great Design

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When looking for the best magazine online, there are several factors you have to consider that simply do not come up when reading a traditional print magazine.

Perhaps first and foremost, a reader on the web will be on the lookout for the best online magazine design. It is, after all, the first thing an online visitor notices. Are the pages easy to navigate? Are the different sections of the magazine accessible without unnecessary searching. Does the layout make logical sense? In other words, does it conform to how the human eye naturally reads a webpage, or is it counterintuitive?

The best online magazine websites will be regularly updated, at least once a day. There is nothing more frustrating than visiting your favorite source for online journalism only to find that they have not uploaded any new content within the past several days. In todays fast paced news environment, access to information is all important.

Above all, the content in the best magazine online has to be of

Many Bodybuilding Supplements Are Available Worldwide

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Performance enhancing supplements

Bodybuilding products are used in order to supplement the bodily change you are looking for after a workout. Since bodybuilding uses resistance to develop and control musculature, different supplements are used to support this development in different ways. Super HD supplement, for example, is used for weight control. Weight loss and performance enhancing supplements are available all around the globe, including the United States and Brazil. By taking them, you may have greater control over the changes you would like your body to go through.

Bodybuilding has had a long history. Eugen Sandow, born in 1867, is considered to be the father of modern bodybuilding. He was a strongman circus athlete who has