The Top Three Best Online Magazines: Amazing Updates, No Print Necessary

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Best online magazine websites

Did you know that 63% of people who view some form of an electronic magazine’s content, will then visit their website? Digital magazine consumption is on the rise, and becoming more popular. Overall, magazines often lag behind other forms of media that have crossed the digital barrier; many popular print magazines still post no articles online.

However, the shift is occurring, and it’s no surprise that as the amount of online magazine content increases, magazine readership for the 18 to 34 year old segment has been growing. Interested in knowing what the best online magazine websites are? Here are three of the top choices.


Wired is a monthly magazine that showcases emerging technologies. You might know it through cultural lexicon– it was this magazine that coin

Follow Your Favorite Acts with the Best Online Music Magazines

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Best online music magazine

Americans absolutely love music. Consider, according to Atkins Bookshelf, we spent $19.8 billion in 2012 on concerts, CDs, and digital tunes from our favorite musical acts. In a time where many Americans are struggling just to make ends meet, 76% of us are living paycheck to paycheck, according to Yahoo! Finance, we still turn to music to make everything better.

Musical tastes are as varied as the 7.1 billion people, tallied by the U.S. Census Bureau, who populate our planet. Whether you are a fan of pop music, rock, folk, indie, or otherwise, you likely want to stay current on all the latest releases from your favorite musical acts. Here are three of the best online music magazines to keep you up to date on the music you love most.

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The Best Online Magazines Feature Great Design

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When looking for the best magazine online, there are several factors you have to consider that simply do not come up when reading a traditional print magazine.

Perhaps first and foremost, a reader on the web will be on the lookout for the best online magazine design. It is, after all, the first thing an online visitor notices. Are the pages easy to navigate? Are the different sections of the magazine accessible without unnecessary searching. Does the layout make logical sense? In other words, does it conform to how the human eye naturally reads a webpage, or is it counterintuitive?

The best online magazine websites will be regularly updated, at least once a day. There is nothing more frustrating than visiting your favorite source for online journalism only to find that they have not uploaded any new content within the past several days. In todays fast paced news environment, access to information is all important.

Above all, the content in the best magazine online has to be of

E Zines The Growing Trend of Online Magazines Sparks a Heated Debate

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Sure, you can argue for or against online magazines. I believe it was Winston Churchill who once said “I do not care if it saves the environment! I will not read my magazines online!” He, of course, was a staunch advocate of the glossy page and satisfying flip of paper. The same argument is used in the physical versus e book debate. Environmental impact aside, the best online magazines will have a few qualities to pull you over to the electronic side.

No ads. Well, yes, there are ads. But the ads are on the top and sides like on any website that you visit. You do not need to wade through a dozen pages of perfume and jeans and makeup just to get to something of substance. To piggyback on that, the best online magazine design will be set up for you to simply click links, allowing you access to the variety of articles present in that issue.

With a physical copy, you have to rifle to the table of contents, always buried amidst a sea of ads, mind you, and then you have to find the right

What Makes Today’s Best Online Magazines Tick

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Having a good magazine online is perfectly fine, but being listed among the world’s best online magazines is much more ideal. That is why so many online magazines strive to be the best they can be. They know that users will not waste their time on sites that are less than perfect, especially in the four categories mentioned below. These qualities are essential for any online magazine to compete well for more readers’ attention and to enjoy the fruits of their respective labors too.

First, the best online magazines are user friendly in nature. You can navigate them just as simply as you could had you had these publications in your hands. This ease of navigability and use is paramount in the online magazine world, mostly because the competition is so fierce but additionally because users will not spend a whole lot of time with a magazine of any kind if it is not simple to navigate or use.

Second, the best online magazines are easy on the eyes. They have the best online magazine design for a market that is highly interested in the presentation of things, so essentially the best online magazines have great visuals and graphics that not only are good to look at but that also are informative and even interactive at times, making them among the ones with the best online magazine layout. Some of these graphics have interactive capabilities, allowing readers to explore further information or participate in discussions.

Third, the best online magazines have other ways to connect too. This includes through connecting users and audiences to the people writing these articles, and allowing these readers to talk with one another as well about these articles. A huge hallmark of the best magazine online today is this ability to communicate on an entirely different level. The communication based capacities are already there, and the world’s best online magazine strives to make this communication as easy as pie for readers.

Fourth, the best online magazines have the best online magazine websites overall. These sites show up high on rankings for search engines, meaning they are optimized. They have great presentation to them that is both user friendly and nice to look at. And they do not bog down users’ computers with too many graphics or too much information. Instead, they find a nice balance somewhere between giving great content and allowing for maximum investment.

The Best Online Magazines Are The Ones You Come Back To

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The best online magazines are the ones that you keep reading, and the ones that inspire you the most. These magazines offer the best in recipes, fashion, homemaking advice, parenting advice, and political opinion. The best online magazine websites are the ones that you like to bookmark and share with your friends. You can find these awesome online magazines right now, so do not hesitate to find and bookmark your favorites right away. Find out which ones have the best online magazine layout and design; these are the ones that attract your attention and are easy to read.

If you are a magazine editor and want to make your online magazine the best online magazine for consumers to read, then you should look for the best online magazine software so you can create a layout and design that will attract reader’s attention. You can find this top rated software by going online and doing a search of the software ratings that are out there. And when you do, find out which magazines are using this software. The highest rated online magazines will have the best online magazine design and layout, so keep this in mind. When you find the software that can create the best online magazine on the internet, you will be on your way to designing a magazine that people will want to read and share with their friends.

For those of you that love music, you can read the best online music magazine on the internet. It shares the latest news about all your favorite bands, concert dates and locations, and album ratings. It is the most comprehensive way to find out what is happening in the music scene. Go online today and read about the concert dates of your favorite bands. The magazines on the internet offer you everything you could ever want in a magazine, and then some. The best online magazine websites give you the tools to share these magazine articles with your friends via email or social media, so you can start a conversation with them about what you read. It is a lot of fun to read and share ideas you saw in the best online magazine. The best online magazines are the ones that you read often, share with your friends, and keep bookmarked on your desktop. Find out about the latest in fashion, parenting, cooking, green living and more today.

Use the Freedom of the Internet to Find the Best Magazine

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There are quite a few things to do on the Internet, from research to reselling an old trading card collection from 1974. The most popular activities performed by online users are internet searches and email activities. There are quite a few popular things to do out there, ranging from fantasy baseball to buying and selling market shares through websites. One of the more popular things to do is to follow, regularly visit, or subscribe to an online magazine. The topic of interest might not be important but, in all reality, the best magazine online will typically be catching to the eye, unique, and full of exceptional content. Take some time to find your favorite by investigating some of the best online magazine websites to get an idea of the best online magazine designs out there to peak your interest.

There could be a hotly contested debate around the best online magazine design because, quite honestly, it can be hard to differentiate amongst the best online magazines. The best online music magazine, for example, might vary from person to person and depend on their demographic. People who are visually stimulated might be more inclined to concentrate on the best online magazine design rather than the content. In turn, somebody might believe that the best online magazine design has to do with the stories and articles that are presented on a given magazine website in order to be considered the best.

There are quite a few options to consider when it comes time to determine which online magazine could have the best online magazine design and also give the reader the most entertainment, no matter what they are after. In order to find the best online magazine design, it might take some time of reviewing and exploring various magazine websites. It also might be as easy as searching for an online magazine that has a reputation for both engaging web design as well as top notch journalism.

Four Qualities That The Best Online Magazines Embody

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Print publications still are humming along, but the Internet is where many of today’s magazines are headed. Thus, the best online magazines may have come from these print based places, but now they take on lives of their own online. There are some key areas in which these publications do stand apart from any other publications that are produced online. These four areas demonstrate what causes these publications to be so well read.

One, the best online magazines act just like print magazines in that they cover these subjects with the best journalists for the job. The world’s best online magazine, then, will have writers attached to it who demonstrate a keen writing ability and a lot of experience writing for other mass publications, print and otherwise. These magazines cater to various topics, but at their heart they have writers assigned to these articles who demonstrate this writing ability and who take their jobs as seriously as they would had they been writing for print publications.

Two, the best online magazines have excellent design elements to them. The best online magazine design will seem somewhat different to every individual, but publications with the best online magazine layout usually stand on their own. Most people agree, then, that the design is what helps to draw these people into these online reading experiences. Design is very important in the online atmosphere, with elements being pulled from every direction and every corner. Pulling everything together to create a nice looking and very cohesive design is important as well then.

Three, the best online magazines are free. Yes, they are free. Publishers that have the best online magazine websites do not charge subscriptions or fees for people to visit their sites and read their articles. Some subscriptions do occur occasionally, and even then they are very inexpensive. But the best magazine online will not cost anyone anything, because the costs are quite limited for these publishers. Print costs are what drive up costs for them, and without these costs there is less of a need for these publishers to compensate for their other costs.

Four, the best online magazines have lots of online subscribers. They may not be paying subscriptions for the ability to read these magazines, but they still generally will sign up to be subscribers, particularly to online magazines that request it. The more subscribers and regular readers these magazines have, the more it is that makes them the best online magazines out there.

Living a Dream of Creating the Best Online Magazine

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Producing high quality, informative articles is not enough to make your online publication the best online magazine. If you want to be the best magazine online, you need to pay just as much attention to the layout and design of the publication as the other content. The layout and design of your publication can actually determine if it will succeed or fail.

Visit any of the best online magazine websites and you will notice that they all share a similar layout or design element. The colors and images may be different, but the essential bare bones of the layout are the same. These magazine website have discovered that in order to considered a best online magazine, they needed to use a design and layout that worked for their readers.

So, what elements do a website that wants to be considered a best online magazine need to have? Unfortunately, the answer is not as clear cut as website and magazine publishers would like it to be. However, there are a few things that can be taken into consideration when making an online magazine or website to help determine if it might be considered a best online magazine.

The first thing to consider is how easy the information is to read. Companies that have created the best online magazine design templates have determined that information needs to be in a neutral color and in a font that is easy to read. If visitors to the website are unable to read the articles and information on a website, how will they be able to consider your publication as one of the best online magazines?

Another thing to consider is the overall layout of the website or best online magazine publication. Information needs to be placed in a way that is easy to navigate. Some of the best online magazine software programs have tutorials to help with creating layouts. Visitors to the website or best online magazine should be able to easily navigate through all the articles to find what they are looking for and want to read.

The Best Online Magazine Layouts

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When the internet exploded during the late 1990s, publishers of print magazines quickly capitalized on the trend, by offering online editions of their print magazines. Although print magazines are far from extinct, millions of readers who were once annual subscribers to print magazines allowed their print subscriptions to expire, and made the switch to online subscriptions. In light of this trend, online magazine publishers began to compete, even if it was among themselves, for the best online magazine layouts. The reason that magazine publishers strive for the best online magazine layouts is to please their readers, and hopefully to gain new ones. After all, the best online magazine design offers a more convenient, user friendly, and pleasant reading experience for those who enjoy reading or browsing online magazines.

While the best online magazine layout can benefit even the most popular and best online magazines, they might be even more valuable to small online magazine publishers. Obviously, the internet and the best online magazine software has made it possible for almost any ambitious and savvy person to publish their own online magazines and fanzines. However, given that the fledgling Hugh Hefners of the world do not have anywhere close to the reputation of the real Hef, they must capitalize upon every possible strategy that might help them to obtain any level of readership. Thus, if the publisher of a small, yet promising, online magazine is able to offer the best online magazine layout, his or her chance for success increases exponentially. On the other hand, how many internet users are going to want to waste their time dealing with poorly designed online magazines when there are dozens of others that offer the best online magazine websites? Exactly, none of them will bother.

The internet has created a plethora of opportunities for both readers and publishers of online magazines. However, only those web magazines that offer the very best online magazine layouts will succeed in the long run. Thus, it is in the best interest of all online magazine publishers to continually strive to offer their readers the best online magazine layouts. Luckily, there are plenty of examples, and a variety of online magazine design software that makes this achievable for any online magazine publisher, regardless of size or reputation