Three Reasons You Will Love Latex Beds


Organic bed

My wife and I recently decided that we needed a new bed. My wife works for a NPO that deals with environmental issues, so she wanted to go to stores that only had organic mattresses and organic sheets available. At first I was worried that these would prove to be uncomfortable, but when the salesperson showed us a latex bed, I fell in love.

So, here are my three reasons that I decided to get a natural mattress, like a latex bed.

1. Durability.

Latex beds are inherently more durable, and can last much, much longer than your typical spring mattress. I have heard that they can last as long as thirty years. Plus, most times they come with a warranty. So even on some off chance that there is a problem, you can always have it repaired or fixed. The foam mattress is also breathable, so body heat and moisture do not get locked in and soaked in the mattress.

2. Great for allergies.

Latex beds are great for people who suffer from allergies. They have great anti microbial properties, and are also resistant to dust mites. I have awful dust allergies, which made latex beds very attractive to me.

3. They are so comfortable!

Since the mattress of latex beds are made out of foam, they conform to the curves and contours of your body, which evenly distributes your weight. This then eliminates pressure points on your body, and gives you a much better sleep. The fact that it forms to your body means that it can support any sleeping position, which is great for people like me who move around in their sleep.

There you have it, folks. If you have any questions or concerns about latex beds, feel free to ask in the comments! If any of you have latex beds, feel free to comment with what you like best about your latex bed.