Are you looking for a different schooling experience for your child? With how the world is evolving, schooling is becoming easy and more accessible for kids across the globe, closing the gap that prevents children from getting the education they deserve. When you’re researching online private schools for prek and 2-12, don’t settle for anything […]

How to Use Forged Steel Fittings

This video serves to provide an outline of forged steel fitting and how to apply it. A short introduction is given about the type of construction forged steel is used in, including power generation and marine. The size, pressure class, and fitting type are facts that one should know when handling fittings. With forged steel […]

How Heat Transfer Works

Heta transfer is something that happens all the time, even if we don’t realize it or if it doesn’t affect us directly. Heat transfer equipment can be anything from a piece of heavy industrial equipment to something as common as a microwave. But what is heat transfer, how does it happen, and how does it […]