What Are Burnishing Tools?


Burnishing is a cold working process designed for improving surface finishes, improving size, increasing hardness, and improving fatigue life. To perform burnishing, you need burnishing tools. Keep reading for the benefits of using burnishing tools.

Burnishing improves surface finishes. Because burnishing stresses the material beyond its yields (also known as rolling the surface) it gives a better finish than without using burnishing tools.

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There are hardness benefits. Because you’re cold rolling the material you are compressing the surface of the material causing it to harden. You can see an increase in surface hardness from 50% to 100% by burnishing.

Burnishing also improves size. With a burnishing tool, you can control the size. Depending on the surface finish, you can typically get 5 to 10 microns size changes.

With burnishing, you can increase fatigue life by up to 300%. This means the material will last 3 times longer than if burnishing tools were not used.

What is a burnishing tool used for? Most metals such as aluminum, brass, and zinc can be burnished. Diamond burnishing is also popular.

To learn more about burnishing and burnishing tools, watch the video above!