What is a Labyrinth Ring Seal?


What is a labyrinth ring seal? It is a type of mechanic seal that provides a tortuous path to help prevent leakage. A common place to find a labyrinth ring seal is within an axle’s bearing where it helps prevent the leakage of the oil lubrication.

A labyrinth seal is composed of groves that press tightly inside an axel or hole. Sometimes they have screen threads on the outer and inner portions which interlock to slow leakage.

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Since many gas turbines have high rotational speeds, labyrinth seals are often used because of their lack of friction and long life. On rotating shafts, labyrinth seals provide non-contact sealing action by controlling the amount of fluid passing through chambers.

Labrinth seals are very useful, but only when produced by labyrinth seal manufacturers. in the United States, manufacturers account for 10.94% of the total output and employ 8.58% of the workforce. No matter what part you are buying whether it be a carbon bearing bush, a carbon ring shaft seal, or graphite bushings always make sure it is produced by a manufacturer.

To learn more about labyrinth ring seals, watch the video above!