FAQs for Notary Services and Bail Bond Services in Texoma


A notary is a public official who oversees the signatures on official documents. This process is necessary in terms of verifying identity, and in some cases an image of the client’s right thumb print may be required for multi-faceted identity verification. Notary services are dedicated to preventing fraud and identity theft.

Real estate is an industry that commonly uses notaries to validate the identities of home owners and property buyers.

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A ledger or notary book is kept by notaries to keep track of all of their clients’ information, as well as the dates that documents were signed and properties were purchased.

This process is part of holding property owners accountable for their monthly loan payments. Mortgage fraud is a felony and could land any client guilty of it in federal prison. Any actions that go against the notarized documents and the agreed-upon monthly payments are valid reasons for requiring federal action.

A heavy amount of paperwork is involved in notary services to ensure that the property owner’s identity is kept safe and is verified by a third party at the time of purchase throughout the payment period. Notaries do much of the heavy lifting for their clients and their services are beneficial to anyone looking to buy a new property.