Understanding How Helicopters Work


Many people have a fascination with the military. From its cool aesthetics, its portrayal in media, to its appealing career opportunities, it’s no wonder that it generates a lot of interest. The same can also be said of the equipment and vehicles that the military uses, from tanks to helicopters. In this video, you will learn how helicopters work so you can better understand these machines that the military tends to rely on.

The military helicopter parts all work together to get helicopters to work the way they do. As the video will describe, these vehicles are unique because they can take off from anywhere, making them incredibly versatile.

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They can also hover and pause in the air. In the air, the helicopter is acted upon by lift, drag, thrust, and weight forces. The blades of the helicopter create thrust which propels the chopper forward. The blades also create lift which is what makes the helicopter ascend into the sky. These parts of the helicopter are what make it what it is. The video will show you exactly how this happens.