A Pediatrician Defined


In this video, you will learn about a pediatric clinic and what defines a Pediatrician. In this video specifically, Dr. Lolita M. McDavid is the Medical Director of Child Advocacy and Protection at Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital, the Pediatric hospital of University Hospitals Case Medical Center.

Video Source

Dr. McDavid is responsible for providing essential community outreach, as well as putting together medical services for the Child Protection Unit, helping children and families who may be at-risk in Northeast Ohio. She is also a Professor of Pediatrics at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. Dr. McDavid likes her job a lot because she plays a lot of different roles. She sees her own patients, often times they have special needs or other special medical conditions. In the past, they used to have to believe what parents told them about their children’s injuries. Now, they don’t have to do this. They have a lot of ways to see that an injury was caused by an adult or there was neglect somewhere down the line. There are two types of trauma: accidental trauma and non-accidental trauma. If the injury doesn’t fit the story, Dr. McDavid gets called. There is a lot to know about pediatric clinics. Keep watching this video to learn more information.