Why Should You Consider Cryo Therapy?


Medical technology and procedures continue to evolve, and cryo therapy is a newer phenomenon that people throughout the United States have been trying out. But what exactly is cryo therapy?

In the video below, Dr. Oz discusses the benefits of cryo therapy and how it can be very beneficial to one’s body.

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Cryo therapy involves applying extreme cold to freeze and then destroy abnormal tissue. It is minimally invasive, involves little pain, and offers quick recovery times. Liquid nitrogen or argon gas is typically used during cryo therapy.

Many people with skin conditions and cancer use this technique because it can treat both external and internal tissue. So, what are the benefits of cryo therapy?

cryo therapy

Cryo therapy can help reduce migrains, numb nerve irritation, treat atopic dermatitis as well as other skin conditions, treat low-risk tumors, reduce pain related to arthritis, and surprisingly help control mood disorders. Overall, muscle pain can be reduced and athletic injury recovery can be faster.

It’s best to talk to a medical professional about cryo therapy. Book a consultation with your primary care physician so they can refer you to a specialist. Discuss your pain and particular circumstances. You may be an ideal candidate for cryo therapy.