Licensed Electrician Services Pricing Guide


The cost of licensed electrician services varies according to a number of factors. However, how much should you charge for a service call when a client contacts you? In the video “Pricing service calls, Electrical estimating on the electricians in Action Everyday @9:00 a.m.” on the YouTube channel “Electrical Code Coach.

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” The electrical coach demonstrates how to configure your charging system.

One of the first steps is to ascertain the area’s average hourly rates. If you’re starting out as an electrician, your rates should be lower than the market average. All service calls and troubleshooting should be billed on an hourly basis. Once you’ve determined the source of the system’s malfunction, you can charge a flat rate for the repairs required.

Charges vary according to the level of communication, the type of services offered, the warranty provided for the services, and the level of execution. You must decide what type of electrician you want to be by examining your charges and increasing them to a reasonable level while still providing high-quality services to your clients.

To get the most out of your career, you should begin small and work your way up.