How to Pick the Right Vape Product for You


If you’re looking to buy your first vape product, there are a lot of options that can overwhelm you. Whether you are using a vape product to quit cigarettes, or for another reason, picking the right vape for you is very important.

For most new vapers, a pen or pod system is the best to start with. These vape products are easy to use, are affordable, and best stimulate the action of smoking.

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Each vape product uses different types of liquids, so be sure to read the instructions.

Pod systems are especially popular. These systems are small, convenient, stealthy, and perform at a high level. They are an all-in-one vape product option and they work best with e-liquids.

For heavy smokers or those who recently quit cigarettes, you may want to use a high nicotine liquid. Using a high nicotine liquid will better stimulate the smoking experience you had before becoming tobacco-free.

Vape store employees are there to help you out. If you walk into a vape store and are confused or overwhelmed by the options, talk to an employee about what you are looking for in a vape product and thy will be able to recommend a good option for you.