Creating Custom Leather Stamping Dies for Leather Logo Stamps


Often, businesses require custom leather stamping dies but find it hard to get in touch with the right companies. This video covers everything businesses need to know about personalized leather stamps, including where to purchase them. Every stamp is unique in terms of thickness, appearance, engraving options, etc.

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Here are a few examples of how stamp-making has changed over time.

1. Technological advancement

More and more companies are turning to 3-D printers and CNC equipment capable of making large-scale stamps.

2. Types of stamps

The two types of stamps are CNC and Photoengraved. CNC is a lot more versatile and holds more detail. And the photoengraved stamp is more expensive and has lesser details.

3. Costing

The cost is determined by the type of stamps required. Engraving and detailing would be more expensive than a standard stamp.

4. Packaging

Custom leather stamps are ready to use and packaged securely. The majority of the packaging designs are both impressive and cost-effective. These days, there are numerous bespoke stamp-making companies businesses can rely on. Companies like HEX N HIT make customized prints at a low cost and shorter timeframe.