US Healthcare Made Simple


When you think about healthcare in the United States, one word comes to mind: expensive. Taking a ride in the ambulance can cost you more than the medical care you receive at the hospital, so patients are now known to waive their ambulance recommendations when they are severely injured. It is not only important that patients are able to physically recover, but also financially recover from ailments.

Video Source

While none of us would agree that American healthcare costs are reasonable, this video sheds some light on how it got this far to begin with.

This video illustrates that America’s healthcare system is very unique for a rich nation. Instead of investing in universal healthcare, we opt to let our jobs and health insurance cover the cost of medical bills. This is a fundamental difference between the Republican and Democratic parties, and continues to be a rising issue. When you opt into workplace health coverage, you often need to use specific facilities. In an emergency, these can be inadequate to provide the help you need. The most we can do as citizens to affect the global healthcare crisis is to get out and vote.