Everything You Need To Know About Sedation Dentistry


Extracting a tooth can be done in two ways: via general anesthetics. Or. in some rare cases, sedation. Here’s everything you need to know about sedation dentistry.

If you will be sedated before extracting your tooth, here are some important reminders:


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Have a light meal one to two hours before your surgery.
2. Wear loose and comfortable clothing.
3. If you’re on a routine medication, continue to take these medications before and after the surgery unless advised otherwise.
4. Do not take alcohol or recreational drugs for 48 hours before and after the surgery. Refrain from smoking to promote healing.
5. When sedated, you will feel relaxed and will oftentimes forget that you even had your tooth extracted.
6. Your physician will advise you to rest first after surgery is done. After that, if you can walk alone without help or assistance, you may be allowed to leave the office already.
7. Once the tooth is extracted, most sedation dentistry practitioners advise patients to go home immediately and take a rest or nap.
8. The effects of sedation can last for around 8 to 12 hours depending on the patient, rest throughout the day and have someone to watch over you until you are fully-recovered.
9. It is advisable not to do anything until the next day. Get some rest, plenty of rest. Ensure you eat a decent meal full of vitamins and minerals.