The Difference Between Residential and Commercial Electric Service


Electric Pro Academy attempts to outline the composition of electric service, including a meter cabinet, the meter, a service riser streaming power into the meter cabinet, and the service conduits 1 and 2, which take out power from the meter cabinet into a building. The residential and commercial electric services vary based on power needs, hence power supply.
Commercial electric service is 3 phase powered because of the equipment small and large companies, or business individuals can utilize in a commercial setting.

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The equipment comprises welding equipment, production machines, elevators, and other industrial commercial equipment. These machineries can only operate under a 3 phase electrical distribution system.
A residential electricity distribution system is a single phase, meaning its power need is not as much as a commercial setting. Resultantly, residential electric service is user-friendly, simple, and cost-saving, unlike a commercial electric service, which consumes so much power. Homeowners utilize minimal electricity for lighting and operation of home electronics, which have very minimal power needs than commercial equipment.