Concrete Polishing v. Epoxy Coating


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Businesses who want dazzling floors will often need to decide between commercial concrete polishers and epoxy floor coating. The two methods offer different pros and cons and are better suited for different situations. This video explains the basics of concrete polishing and its benefits.

Polished concrete is created by repeatedly running industrial grinding machines over a treated concrete slab. The polishers start with coarser polishing pads and switch them out for finer pads over the course of their work. The final product is a sparkling concrete floor that’s clean and uniform.

Polished concrete is great for floors that won’t be exposed to harsh chemicals, acidic substances, toxins, wet processing, and food processing. It’s a low cost method that gives outstanding results to light or medium service floors.

Polished floors require regular service to maintain their glossy finish, and business owners need to take this into account along with the traffic the floor will see. It may not be the best option for high service floors.

Still, polished floors are lustrous, economical, and environmentally friendly. If you don’t want a glossy floor, polishers can also create a matte finish for a more utilitarian look. For more information, check out the video above.