Control Erosion on Your Property


It is essential to control the erosion on your property. Doing so will help to secure your property from losing land over time and also prevent dangerous mudslides from occurring. In this video, you will learn about preventive solutions for erosion as well as why erosion happens and why it’s important to stop it.

When the environment loosens topsoil over time due to wind and water, the soil will be moved and put somewhere else as sediment. This alters the shape of the land in both locations.

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Slopes are especially susceptible. The method you use to prevent erosion will depend on what the shape of your land is like and how steep the slope is. You can measure your slope and the video will show you how. A great way to lessen erosion in an area with a mild slope is to cover the area with mulch. For medium slopes, you can use netting combined with seed mixes that are specifically designed for erosion control. For steep slopes, you might need to build a retaining wall.