What Goes Into Making Granite Headstones


It’s true that authentic granite headstones are a lovely way to commemorate a loved one that has passed away. Most people, however, are not all that sure about the process of making them. The first step is to clean the stone that has already been cut.

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The artist then applies the stencil that is going to be added to make the design for the stone. After the stencil is applied, the panels are cut out of the stencil to allow for the accurate carving of the design.

A frost or light sandblasting is done on the areas that were cut out and where the names, any words that need to be added, or any pictures are going to be added. A sealer is then added to these sandblasted areas to protect the stone before the cut-out adhesive panels are added back into the design. Further designs are etched from the stone and the stencil for letter is added. Sandblasting is again used to help etch the lettering and any further details to the stone. The letters are then painted so that they stand out, and the stone is finished with fine detailing. The stone is then washed to remove any excess dust, and it can be placed on the grave.