How Exactly Does a Submersible Water Pump Work?


Submersible pumps can be used for everything from underground wells to draining pools and basements. This is a brief overview of how a submersible water pump works.

A submersible water pump is essentially a motor that is attached to a series of impellers.

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When turned on, the motor works to rotate a shaft. This shaft will contain a series of impellers. Impellers are specially-designed disks that cause water to flow into the pump as they rotate. The number of impellers is dependent on the size of the motor and the size of the pump. Larger impellers or additional impellers will increase the flow rate of the water. Each impeller will also have a dampener that will improve the efficiency of the impeller shaft by allowing water to travel between the connected impellers.

As the water moves through the impellers, pressure is created that allows the water to move through the top of the pump. Most pumps contain a check valve at the top that ensures steady water flow so long as there is water flowing into the pump.