E Zines The Growing Trend of Online Magazines Sparks a Heated Debate


Sure, you can argue for or against online magazines. I believe it was Winston Churchill who once said “I do not care if it saves the environment! I will not read my magazines online!” He, of course, was a staunch advocate of the glossy page and satisfying flip of paper. The same argument is used in the physical versus e book debate. Environmental impact aside, the best online magazines will have a few qualities to pull you over to the electronic side.

No ads. Well, yes, there are ads. But the ads are on the top and sides like on any website that you visit. You do not need to wade through a dozen pages of perfume and jeans and makeup just to get to something of substance. To piggyback on that, the best online magazine design will be set up for you to simply click links, allowing you access to the variety of articles present in that issue.

With a physical copy, you have to rifle to the table of contents, always buried amidst a sea of ads, mind you, and then you have to find the right page that contains the article that you want to read. Pages stick together, sometimes they are not even numbered. It is too much work just to read about the latest monkey that Justin Bieber left in some random country. With the best online magazine layout, you are a total of maybe three clicks away from reading your next article.

The best magazine online will be available immediately as soon as it is out. You do not have to wait for the mail. You do not have to drive to the super market, hoping that no one took the last copy. The best online magazine designed for you is one that is instant access, no matter where or when. That is why most online magazines even have apps, so you can access the best magazine, and the best online magazine designed application, from any portable smart device.