How Do Live Floor Trailers Work?


If you own or work for a business that requires regular moving of objects, you might benefit from a live floor trailer rental. If your business already uses trailers to transport objects, consider upgrading to the live floor variant. In this video, you will learn how a live floor trailer works so you can understand how you could benefit from it.

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These types of trailers are also known as walking floor trailers due to the mechanism that allows them to self-unload. Self-unloading trailers could save you a lot of time because you can let the trailer do the work while you do something else. It’s efficient and productive and saves you energy as well.

The video will show you a live floor trailer in action. The floor is made up of long, individual slats that move independently from each other. They slide back and forth in a pattern that pushes objects forward. The objects inside of the trailer will gradually slide out of the back. It is a design that continually pushes the objects forward and can work with most things, including fine objects like dirt and larger ones like trash.