How to Use Forged Steel Fittings


This video serves to provide an outline of forged steel fitting and how to apply it. A short introduction is given about the type of construction forged steel is used in, including power generation and marine.

The size, pressure class, and fitting type are facts that one should know when handling fittings. With forged steel fittings being manufactured in many different places globally, think about the finishing – either galvanized or in black – all depending on what appearance you are gunning for.

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A quick tour of the shapes of fittings including caps, plugs, unions, couplings, and more, will be shown with an explanation of what each part does when connected to a pipe.

With the industry sizes, there are limitations and this video gives a rundown of the materials used due to the pressure class in the different connections, which include socket and threaded weld. The way the pressure works at high and low temperatures in forged steel fittings is also talked about in this video. With the knowledge of the fittings, one can rely on MSI to supply all the pipes, gaskets, and valves for all assembling needs.