Three Reasons You Will Love Latex Beds

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Organic bed

My wife and I recently decided that we needed a new bed. My wife works for a NPO that deals with environmental issues, so she wanted to go to stores that only had organic mattresses and organic sheets available. At first I was worried that these would prove to be uncomfortable, but when the salesperson showed us a latex bed, I fell in love.

So, here are my three reasons that I decided to get a natural mattress, like a latex bed.

1. Durability.

Latex beds are inherently more durable, and can last much, much longer than your typical spring mattress. I have heard that they can last as long as thirty years. Plus, most times they come w

Organic Bedding, Blankets, Sheets, and Everything Else

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Organic mattresses

If you are trying to live an environmentally friendly and health conscious life, organic bedding sheets and other bedding materials can help you take your lifestyle to the next level. Food is not the only thing that can be organic. “Organic” food is essentially about buying and eating food products that are made using natural ingredients that have been grown without the heavy use of pesticides and additives that most foods are grown with today. Since most bedding and similar products are made from plant fibers, they can also be “organic” if the same organic farming practices are used to grow the plants that they are made from. Buying organic bedding sheets is yet another way you can support organic farming and reduce the use of pesticides and harmful plant additives.

Organic bedding sheets are not the only organic bedding product available. If it is made from fabric made from plant fibers, it can be made organically. Organic mattresses, organic blankets, and organic linens of all kinds are available for purchase. You can make your entire bedroom organic if you want. Organic linens and mattresses are also available for cribs and children so that they can sleep on more healthy and natural linens and learn sustainable habits from an early age. Developing healthy habits begins at an early age, so teaching your children about sustainable buying and life when they are young can help them make better choices throughout their lives. Exposing them to sustainably made products early on can help to make this a natural and easy learning process for them.

If you are trying to expand your sustainable lifestyle beyond the kitchen, organic bedding sheets and other organic bedroom products can help you do it. The United States’ rivers and coastal lands are experiencing serious problems because of all the pesticides that drain into them, so the sooner more people embrace a fully organic lifestyle, the better for us all.