How to Find a Deal at a Pawn Store


Finding a deal at a pawnshop is a matter of research and being prepared before visiting the pawn store. Armed with the right knowledge, you can haggle with the owner for a better deal.

Finding a Well-Priced Treasure at Your Local Pawn Shop

Do your research on the items you are interested in. Knowing the market value gives you a good starting point and ensures you don’t overpay for the goods you’re looking for.

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In addition, understand the resale value of these items. Some goods have a good resale value, while others sell much lower than the original price.

Remember that timing matters. Visit the store during slower hours. It’s usually during the week or early in the morning. If the store is slow, the owner may be more open to haggling over the price, and you may get an item for far less than you would normally pay for it. In addition, thoroughly inspect the item for any defects or breakages. You can use this information to negotiate a lower price and score a deal.

Pawn shop owners may hold a sale to help move items through the store or attract customers during slow periods. Sales usually happen in the middle or at the end of a month. Check for sales, then haggle if you don’t find your items on sale.