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Avoiding Embarrassing Household Pests

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Pest control management

Local emergency pest control can help you can avoid embarrassing pest situations in a pinch. Whether you just want to get rid of pests or you are working to avoid future structural repairs, you can hire a pest control management company to provide ongoing protection. You can ask local pest control services to perform many preventative fixes and to consult on potential home maintenance updates to prevent any future infestations. Left untreated, you also risk having to call on pest control more frequently.

You do not need to know how to get rid of bugs in house, you just need to be able to find the best pest control service. Typically,

Restore Your Carpets with a Little Help From the Pros

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Carpet cleaning winston salem nc

Those in the market for good carpets cleaning need not look further than the carpet cleaning Winston Salem services provided by a host of professionals. From coffee spills to dirty, tracked in footprints from children and pets, your carpet can take quite the beating in just a few short months. While surface and spot cleaning does the job in a pinch, nothing is better for the look and lifetime of your carpet or flooring than the thorough, deep clean provided by professional cleaners.

Knowing what to look for when you search for carpet cleaners in Portland Oregon will take the guesswork out and will help you make decisions about which company to use for carpets cleaning. Professional carpet cleaners should

Being More productive and Less Wasteful In the Office

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Wireless scanning

How much time, money, and paper do we waste every day by using traditional printing and scanning methods? Well, the Wall Street Journal recently found that the average business worker in the United States loses 1.5 hours each day. That equates to 40 hours per year in lost productivity due to searching for misplaced items from messy desks and files.

The average filing cabinet with four drawers can contain 10,000 to 12,000 pieces of paper. That means 10,000 to 12,000 potentially lost important documents. With wireless scanning tools, this problem can be one of the past. A digital filing system makes everything so much easier to organize, and impossible to lose, so long as you back every

Malvin, Riggins and Company, P.C. in Newport News VA

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Malvin, Riggins and Company, P.C.

725 Middle Ground Boulevard

Newport News, VA 23606


Local Business Picture

Malvin, Riggins and Company, P.C. brings together many years of professional accounting, tax and business advisory services. Malvin, Riggins and Company, P.C. is small enough to provide individual attention, but large enough to give the highest level of tax and accounting expertise.

Search Engine Optimization Providing Significant Increases in Traffic for Websites

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A recent MarketingSherpa study found that businesses who implemented an SEO (search engine optimization) campaign saw a 38% increase in online traffic. If you own your own website or domain and are not getting the web traffic you think you deserve, despite having a strong web design, it is most likely due to your domain authority and search rankings being too low. Implementing an SEO campaign is the best way to raise these rankings.

The use of search engines is the 2nd most popular internet activity, only second to checking emails. You read that right. Search engines receive more online activity than online video games, online videos, eCommerce sites and news outlets. Are you ready for some more mind blowing facts? Great, because here they come: Worldwide, there are an estimated 12 BILLION local searches made on search engines each year. I will take a minute to let that number sink in. 12 BILLION local searches. That is an outrageously high number. There is also an estimated 70 percen

Preschool Growth Affects Later Development

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Preschool jackson mi

Your child care Jackson MI does more than just occupy kids while parents work, it helps them grow through emotional, social and personal development. Day care in Jackson MI and surrounding areas should position your child for growth and enrichment. You can find the right daycare tips for parents by going through some simple research. First, you want to talk with friends and colleagues to see if they have recommendations or prior experiences to relate. Understanding their preferences and challenges can assist you in choosing child care.

As part of your initial research for preschool, you can also look at various third party websites to read their reviews. This ranks highly on daycare tips for parents, because parents wil

The Top Three Best Online Magazines: Amazing Updates, No Print Necessary

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Best online magazine websites

Did you know that 63% of people who view some form of an electronic magazine’s content, will then visit their website? Digital magazine consumption is on the rise, and becoming more popular. Overall, magazines often lag behind other forms of media that have crossed the digital barrier; many popular print magazines still post no articles online.

However, the shift is occurring, and it’s no surprise that as the amount of online magazine content increases, magazine readership for the 18 to 34 year old segment has been growing. Interested in knowing what the best online magazine websites are? Here are three of the top choices.


Wired is a monthly magazine that showcases emerging technologies. You might know it through cultural lexicon– it was this magazine that coin

What’s So Great About Hummus?

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Roasted garlic hummus dip

The popularity of hummus has been explosive over the last decade or so. Coming to us from the Middle East, this spread, dip, or paste is made from chickpeas and tahini and is usually eaten with pita and other flat breads. Throughout the Middle East, in Syria, Israel, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, and Lebanon, hummus spreads are popular not only because of their delicious taste, but because of extensive hummus nutritional value.

An Easy Hummus Recipe

This basic hummus recipe can easily be kicked up a notch to make a spicy hummus dip, roasted garlic hummus dip, or any other variety of hummus.


  • One 15-oz can of chickpeas
  • 1/4 cup lemon juice
  • 1/4 cup tahini
  • Half a large garlic clove, minced
  • 2 T olive oil
  • 1 t kosher salt