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Telephone systems

The first phone call ever made occurred on March 10, 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell. The first text message ever sent took place in 1992. We have come quite a long way in just over 100 years, huh? Today, commercial phone systems allow us to combine the best of both worlds, the old and new school technologies, in order to make business more productive, easier, and faster.

On average, people check their cell phones 23 times per day for texts, 22 times for voice calls, and 18 times just to see what time it is. With a business phone system, this convenience of communication can be utilized so that more work can be done during regular business hours, as well as time off the clock. Use commercial phone systems for small office scenarios in order to maximize productivity and profits.

Communication is essential, if not the most important aspect, for business. Data cabling through commercial phone systems allows you to reap the most benefits possible. Make the most of your time, make the most of your business. Technology has made this easier than ever, why not capitalize on it?

The telephone is a duplex communication medium. This means that it allows people to communicate together simultaneously. Communication can occur just as naturally and quickly as if two people were speaking face to face. Commercial phone systems also allow the possibility for conference calls to take place. Have a meeting without ever having to meet! This opens the doors to interstate and even international business arrangements.

Did you know that the original area code system gave the areas with the largest populations the easiest codes to dial. This is why New York has an area code of 212, Los Angeles is 213, and Chicago is 312. Commercial phone systems make closing sales and progressing business models as easy as entering a few digits into a telephone.

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