X Ideas for Your Basement Remodel at Home


Are you thinking about refinishing your basement? This quick guide shares inspiring basement ideas to use in your next basement remodel project.

Basement Remodel
To draw people in, place the main socializing area in a location that receives the most natural light.

Bedrooms require a window for egress, so they must be located on the outside of the house.
To reduce glare and create a home-theater atmosphere, place the TV viewing zone in a darker area.

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Store snacks and beverages in a location where you can get to them without having to cross in front of the TV.

A basement that isn’t well lit is a real turnoff, so you’ll need to do proper lighting and that means adding more fixtures than you’ve got elsewhere.

Recessed cans emit a cone-shaped light that is wider at the base offering much-needed illumination. If you’ll use those, keep them close together to avoid dark spots.

Use electric baseboards or radiant mats to generate supplement heat to keep your basement temperature toasty and not chilly.

Choose finishes that reflect light. We adore this no-fail combination of traditional white fixtures, a painted medicine cabinet, and gleaming chrome hardware with porcelain accents.

Make use of natural light. Use every opportunity to brighten up dark corners. A reeded-glass light on the bathroom door creates an open feeling while still allowing privacy.

Consider your storage options carefully. Coats and boots can be stored in built-ins near a walk-out entry.