How to Choose the Best Countertop for Your Home


This video is one that offers valuable insights for homeowners on the subject of countertops. The video features a reporter and a countertop expert and they provide tips to homeowners who may be considering a variety of materials for their home countertops.

It compares and contrasts marble, quartz, and granite stones. The unique characteristics of each component are discussed and the expert highlights how you should take care of each of these stones, and the important steps such as sealing you must consider in maintaining their durability.

The expert also speaks about how the stones are cleaned and which elements would be harmful to them in terms of pouring, burning, and staining.

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They advise on which countertops are more brittle than others and she also gives reasons for the differences in polished(shiny) and honed(matte) countertops.

Factors that determine the price of each stone are also highlighted, such as the level of the stone, amount of labor, and the source. The expert also points out how one can clean and remove stains at home with store-bought products and that you can hire a countertop contractor to repair a chip on your countertop.