Why You Should Choose a Country Club Wedding


Weddings are stressful. There’s the dress and flowers, the invitations, and the caterer to worry about. You want all your friends to be bridesmaids, but 12 are probably too many.

Gayden Metcalfe and Charlotte Hays of Southern Living Magazine’s Wedding Etiquette tell us about their personal nightmare weddings. While they cover the dos and don’ts, why not consider a country club wedding? Here’s why.

  • 1. Classic. Since most country clubs look like they’re built around Twelve Oaks, you won’t get much classier.

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    Tip: don’t drink beer at country club weddings or wear golf clothing.

  • 2. Pictures. The beauty of the landscape would enhance any wedding, not to mention pictures in world-class country club ballrooms. Tip: it’s not proper to wear a tux before six p.m.
  • 3. Food. Many country clubs employ world-class chefs or excellent caterers. All you have to do is show up; they’ve got your back.
  • 4. Everything. Chairs, linens, flowers, and even music are in the purview of the country club. Choose as you will. They’ll make sure the bride and groom are the focus of the event.

Weddings are an important occasion and very special. Have yours at a country club, and you’ll be amazed at the beauty of the event.