8 Elements to Add to Your Wedding Priority List

Wedding priority list


According to The Knot, planning a wedding is a daunting and hectic experience that can lead to a lot of stress and anxiety. One of the top reasons for this is having so many things to do, which can be overwhelming, especially when you’re on a tight schedule. However, if you’ve got an excellent planning checklist, you can avoid many hassles and have a perfect time on your big day. So, if you plan to tie the knot soon, below are the top items to add to your wedding priority list.

1. The Location

According to a 2022 study by The Knot, the venue is one of the top decisions couples make when planning a wedding, and with good reason. First, it’s where you’ll create lasting memories of being married, so it needs to be remarkable. Secondly, the wedding venue can have a far-reaching influence on the guests’ happiness, the event atmosphere, and the ease of doing things on the big day. Therefore, a good location is one of the top items to include in your wedding priority list.

So many factors go into choosing the perfect venue for a wedding. However, finding a place that meets your style is a good place to start. For example, a hotel can be an excellent option if you prefer an indoor venue, or you can opt for a garden if you like the outdoors. Other top options are hotels or resorts with outdoor venues, a church, a country club, a beachfront, a farm, a vineyard, a historic home, a boat, and so on. When choosing a venue, you must ensure it has all the necessary facilities and amenities. For example, it must have enough space for guests’ seating, reception, dance floor, catering area, gift table, DJ or band station, and more. In addition, the location should have a spacious and secure parking area for your guests. Lastly, it needs to have good washroom facilities or the option of making your arrangements, like installing portable toilets.

2. The Venue Décor

Decorations are vital to the success of your wedding. First, they can create the perfect atmosphere that keeps your guests happy and sets the tone for the entire day. Secondly, they add a final touch to all other elements of your event and can help to make it appear elegant. Therefore, good décor is another top item on your wedding priority list if you want a unique and memorable big day. One of the best ways to choose your wedding décor is to create a checklist for necessary items. Of course, seating will be one of the top areas to pay attention to, and you can take care of this by hiring a table and chair rental service. Usually, such a service will come with decorations, but you can hire an event decorator to spruce up the event with linens, flowers, and centerpieces.

Other top décor items are aisle and altar decorations, welcome signs, bridal party bouquets, and place cards. Also, it would help if you decorated the reception area, dance floor, bar, cake, and dessert table. Lastly, lighting is vital, especially for an indoor event or if your wedding extends to the evening or late into the night. Lastly, when choosing your décor, you should ensure it sticks to your wedding theme, which will help accentuate your event. One of the top wedding décor and theme ideas is to stick to a specific color(s). You can also use your décor to create the desired atmosphere for your event, for example, romantic, rustic, modern, elegant, party, or tropical.

3. Audio Visual Services

According to Hotelier Magazine, audio-visual (AV) services are becoming more essential and can make or break your event. For example, when planning a wedding, you can use AV solutions to enhance the ambiance with entertainment and guarantee a smooth time while exchanging vows, speeches and presentations, and entrance music. Therefore, they are another top item for your wedding priority list. A few basics are necessary when choosing audio-visual services for your wedding venue. This includes the public address system, which is helpful for music, vows, and speeches. You also need a sound music system for the entrance music, to entertain the guests, and for the dance floor. Some AV companies even offer live bands and DJs, other excellent elements to add to your wedding.

Audio visual companies also provide lighting solutions, which can help enhance your event’s ambiance. These solutions can range from spotlights to LED lighting, mood lighting, stage lighting, and disco lighting for the dance floors. Other top solutions you can hire for the perfect atmosphere include holograms, monograms, and light shows. Lastly, most AV companies offer video and photography services, which can save you from looking for a photographer or videographer. In addition, you can hire production services like screens for photo slideshows or video projection to give guests a good view. You can also stream your ceremony live, allowing guests who didn’t make it to celebrate with you.

4. Personal Stylists

To enjoy your wedding to the fullest, you must look and feel good. And the best way to achieve this is by using the services of a professional stylist. Therefore, personal stylists are another top item to include on your wedding priority list when planning for your big day. One of the top personal stylists to hire for your wedding is a make-up artist. According to Wedding Wire, a professional make-up artist is vital for your big day as they can work quickly while still doing a fantastic job. In addition, they know the latest products, techniques, and trends, and thus, can give you a tremendous wedding look that will last you the entire day. Lastly, a make-up artist can also help your bridal party look great, thus, enhancing the beauty of your event.

Hair stylists are other top professionals to hire for your big day. Your hairstyle will be a massive part of your overall look, and having a professional doing it will give you a stunning appearance that will leave you glowing all day. In addition, it can provide you with peace of mind as you don’t have to worry about spending long hours before the event perfecting your hairstyle. Lastly, it would help if you considered hiring other beauty professionals to style and pamper you (and your bridal party) in preparation for the big day. This can include nail salon services for the perfect manicures, pedicures, and nail art. Other excellent options include spa and massage services, facials, and waxing.

5. The Ceremony Essentials

Your wedding won’t be complete without the ceremony, specifically, the exchange of vows. Therefore, this is another top area to which you must pay close attention when planning your big day. As such, you must include various essential items to guarantee the ceremony’s success in your wedding priority list. One of the top items is the celebrant to officiate the ceremony. Depending on your preference, you can choose a religious minister, civil officiant (mayor, judge, magistrate, city clerk, notary, etc.), or an independent, professional officiant as your celebrant. In addition, according to the New York Times, nearly every adult can officiate a wedding in most jurisdictions in the United States. Therefore, you can also choose a family member or close friend as your celebrant.

Besides the celebrant, wedding rings are another top item for your wedding planning checklist. This centuries-old tradition is still one of the most vital parts of getting married, so you and your partner must budget for and select a good ring. In addition, you should get a quality ring bearer pillow or ring box to add elegance to your ceremony and ensure the rings don’t get lost. Several other elements can help make your ceremony successful or add to its beauty. These include an aisle runner, a wedding arbor, flower girl baskets, unity candles, and confetti. Lastly, you should not forget about personal vows; they are a perfect way to add a beautiful, funny, or romantic moment to your ceremony.

6. Essential Wedding Logistical Services

According to the Martha Stewart blog, many couples make several mistakes that can dampen their ceremony. However, most of these mistakes can be avoided with a good plan concerning logistics. Therefore, logistical services are another important item to include in your wedding priority list when planning for your big day. One of the most vital logistics for your wedding ceremony is transportation. For a perfect day, you must arrange good vehicles for the bridal party and the bride and groom. In addition, you may have to arrange for transportation for family, friends, and other guests, to ensure their timely arrival at the wedding venue.

Besides transportation, accommodation is another top logistics consideration when planning a wedding. This is especially vital if you’re having a destination wedding or expecting family and friends from out of town. In addition, you need ideal accommodation for the wedding party to ensure a hassle-free experience before and after the big day. Several other logistics are involved in planning a wedding. For example, you need vital deliveries to arrive on time, confirm bookings with vendors and other professionals, arrange and decorate the venue, and so on. These plans can get overwhelming, so consider adding a wedding planner or event management company to your checklist. Consequently, this can make your life easier and guarantee smooth sailing on your big day.

7. Food and Refreshments

According to the WeddingWire, food and refreshments are among the most significant wedding expenses, with some couples spending as much as $70 per guest. This is done to keep the guests well-fed and happy, thus creating a memorable experience. Therefore, food and refreshments are other top items to include in your wedding priority list. Where food is concerned, the best option is to hire a catering service, especially if many guests attend. Using caterers also saves you time while guaranteeing quality food your guests will enjoy. It’ll also save you from logistical hassles such as renting tableware, serving the food, and ensuring you have enough to feed your guests.

Besides hiring the caterers, you’ll also need a good menu to keep your guests happy. You can do this by going with local or seasonal dishes. You can also incorporate your favorite meals into the menu. In addition, you can also offer a variety of meals during the reception, including alternatives for some of your guests who have allergies or different dietary needs. Lastly, refreshments are another top way to make your wedding a success. You can serve a wide range of refreshments such as water, soft drinks, and cocktails, or even have an open or cash bar at the reception. In addition, you can serve wine alongside the wedding meal, in which case you should also arrange for wine coolers to keep the drinks chilled.

8. Wedding Favors for the Guests

According to LovetoKnow, giving wedding favors to guests is a tradition that originated around the 16th century among the European aristocracy and upper class. The centuries-old practice has since spread to the rest of the world, where it’s still featured in many weddings. Therefore, favors are another top item you can include in your wedding priorities list to thank your guests for attending your ceremony.

You can choose from various items when selecting wedding favors for your guests. For example, according to The Knot, top ideas include personalized champagne and wine glasses, coffee mugs, coasters, sanitizers, soap, hand fans, and plants. You could also give out edible favors such as confectionery, mini cupcakes, popcorn, or smores. Alternatively, instead of handing out favors as your guests leave, you could opt for a welcome bag for each of them when they arrive at the ceremony. This will ensure that everyone doesn’t miss out on your generosity, as some guests can be too busy when departing and forget about your favors. And for the perfect experience, you can offer personalized welcome bags with items like toiletries, candy, and drinks that your guests can use throughout the day.

Planning a wedding can be challenging, and it can even be harder to decide what features to add to your wedding and what to leave out. If you’re in such a situation, the above are some of the top elements for your wedding priority list. With these items, you can turn your big day into a fun, beautiful, successful, and memorable event for everyone.