What Is Construction Dewatering Like on a New Construction Site?


In this YouTube video, Chad Ryan answers the question, “What is construction dewatering?” Dewatering is the process of removing the natural groundwater found while digging and working on a construction site.

It’s vital that the possibility of groundwater being found is anticipated. There’s a chemical treatment process for it to go through as it’s removed to avoid contaminating the water sources in the neighborhood.

An onsite holding tank will need to be at the job site to hold the water. After the water levels reach a certain level in the holding tank, the water is pumped into the filtering system to remove the contaminants.

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All of this happens via a generator that is constantly running.

Once the water is filtered, it’s run through piping that routes around the job site and into a nearby street. The water will then flow to the nearest storm drain. This process may need a permit from the city. It’s helpful to drill test wells on the site to learn where the water table is. The job site plan will need to outline how the water will be pumped, filtered, and disposed of before work begins. A professional dewatering contractor in the area will be your best resource for input.