How Do Large Wax Melters Help Make Candles a Reality?


If you want to make candles on a commercial scale, it’s important that you have large wax melters. But how do these devices help make the process of candle making a reality? Let’s take a look at how candles are made on a commercial scale and how wax melters are essential to the process.

Candles are made up of a few components. First, there’s the wick. This is a length of twisted thread that is passed through melted wax and then placed within the candle so it can be burned.

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It’s coated in wax to help protect it during the candle making process. This is the first instance in which we see melted wax being used to help make candles.

Next is the candle itself, which is composed of wax and natural or artificial scents. Most candles are made from paraffin or soy-based wax, which first must be melted down in a wax melter. Once the wax is in a liquid state, essential oils and other ingredients can be added to create a signature scent. After that, the wax is poured into a mold and left to cool with a wick inside.