What Does a Fire Extinguisher Inspection Look Like?


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Fire extinguisher inspections are important to maintain fire safety. Extinguishers need to be inspected every few years, and the video above depicts what a six-year inspection entails. Let’s dive in to see how routine maintenance checks can help protect your home or commercial property.

The first thing the service tech needs to do is empty the fire extinguisher. Instead of spraying the extinguisher and creating a mess, the hose is removed from the handle and another hose that leads to a collection receptacle is attached. The technician puts a clamp on the trigger and empties the extinguisher completely.

Next, the service tech uses a rubber hammer to dislodge and twist off the trigger mechanism and pressure meter. He is now able to look directly inside of the extinguisher. He uses a flashlight and dental mirror to check for defects like cracks or corrosion. If the cylinder passes the visual inspection, it is ready to be refilled.

The technician then takes apart and rebuilds the entire trigger valve. Compressed air cleans out dust and new o-rings and stems are put in. The entire cylinder is then cleaned and the valve is reinstalled with a service tag to show the extinguisher was properly inspected.

For more information, check out the video above.