Fun Facts About Aluminum


Aluminum is all around us. In fact, aluminum is the third most abundant element in earths crust. There are many reasons we use aluminum in various applications.

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First, aluminum is one of the lightest metals. This makes it extremely practical for factories or building sites. Also for light aluminum products such as aluminum foil.

Second, it is low weight. Because of this, aluminum reduces energy consumption during transportation. It can also be easily shaped, making it a perfect material for designers, architects, and engineers who seek design freedom and opportunities.

Third, it is stronger than you think. Aluminum can be almost if not just as strong as steel depending on the manufacturing process. Aluminum suppliers can use different methods for durability to make the product as strong as it needs to be.

Fourth, it has high conductivity, making it a great conductor of heat and electricity. because of this, aluminum makes an ideal conductor of choice for utility grids such as houses, vehicles, and appliances.

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