What Are Some Tips On How to Create My Own Wiki?


So, after spending an amount of time online and discovering the wealth of information the internet has to offer you’re thinking about either creating your own webpage or perhaps even something that not only you, but everybody can contribute to. To do so, your best option would surely be to create what is known as a wiki. You can create a wiki to be about anything and many popular wikis revolve around things like video games, literature, television shows and general information. My wiki page may be completely different from a wiki that you decide to create.

At this point, you may be asking “how do I create my own wiki”? To do so, you must first find a host. An internet host is a service that runs servers used for internet purposes. It is a platform upon which the webpage or wiki sits, if you will. You may pay for a host if you desire but you can just as easily find a free wiki host to support your page. Next, it is important to decide what your wiki will be about and be prepared for the fact that other people may make changes to it.

The openness of a wiki is both a boon and a burden, depending on who is arguing the point. A wiki page at it’s core is made to allow anybody to either edit a page on the wiki or create an entirely new one within in. These pages are made to promote meaningful discussions between topics. For example, if you were to create a My SQL Wiki one wouldn’t want to link to or create a page about cats on the same wiki. Due to the openenness of the wiki page and the fact that anybody can edit it, edit wars have been known to break out, with users constantly re editing and saving a page to fit their own personal opinions rather than the facts.

My own wiki will be different from yours and will have different people editing it, but it can be controlled. Abusive users can be discouraged by having a person use their real name, registering users or even filtering IP addresses. That way, you can be sure the vandalism to your wiki is kept to a minimum.