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Here in the United States, there are about 65 traffic tickets issued every minute. But it is not just the U.S. who has laws in which we as drivers must abide by, and although the regulations on the roads differ from country to country and state to state, there are still rules for motored vehicles everywhere. Of course, some of these laws set for drivers can seem a little ridiculous, but their primary goals are always to keep the roads as safe as can be. For example, in Switzerland, it is against the law to slam your car door, and although it may seem silly to some, it must serve some sort of important purpose.

Everyone has different reasons for driving, some people race cars professionally, some people use it purely for leisure, but most people use cars for the obvious reason of getting from point A to point B. Most people do not go out on the roads and fire up their engine with the goal of endangering other people, and most of us do not go out there with intentions of breaking the law and getting tickets, but sometimes these things just happen.

Everyone who drives any type of vehicle understands the risks and dangers that come along with doing so, but this cannot stop people from driving, because some people even use driving as a way of making money. For example, a New York City cab driver named Jacob German was arrested for speeding on May 20, 1899. But the only catch to the story is the fact that he was only going 12 mph on Lexington street in Manhattan! Although this may seem like some sort of exaggeration or corruption of law, these things also happen, and we as drivers must deal with them.

Besides all of the annoying nonsense and noise that comes along with driving, there are car companies out there that try to provide their customers with safe, as well as new and improved models that can make the driving experience much better. Popular music artists such as Jay Z, Maria Carey, and Kid Rock, do not just shout the car company Chevrolet in their hit songs for no reason, the industry has truly outdone them self with new technology these days. In 2010, there were enough Chevrolet vehicles purchased that if you were to line them bumper to bumper, they would cover 51 percent of the earths circumference. So its fair to claim that at least one company is doing something right with their product, wouldn’t you say?

Going with affordable used cars is always a good thought when looking to buy a new car, but you may miss out on the fancy new car technology out there on the market. When buying a new car, the best value for cars can come through the new car technology offered. The best car dealers will tell you all about the new fuel efficient vehicles, service plans for new cars, and new car technology such as rear camera view, powered steering, parallel parking assistance, etc. These things may not solve all of the problems on the road, but they for sure can limit the risks while on the road.

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  1. I will never buy a used car! i did when i was younger, and all i did was put more freekin money into it, and by the end, i was better off just buying a new one from the start.

  2. Well i have a used car and i have had it for years… its been wonderful for me.

  3. Well i have a used car and i have had it for years… its been wonderful for me.

  4. Well i have a used car and i have had it for years… its been wonderful for me.

  5. Well i have a used car and i have had it for years… its been wonderful for me.

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