Recetas De Postres


Recetas fáciles

One of the best parts about hispanic culture is undoubtedly the cuisine. Hispanic food, like the Hispanic world, is dynamic and varied, there are numerous different types of food and many variations of the same dishes. For example, popular Hispanic dishes include arroz con pollo, ceviche, empanadas, enchiladas, and tamales, among many others.

There are also a plethora of excellent deserts, called postres. If you are looking for recetas de postres, or desert recipes, there are several recipes that you might consider making. Flan, for example, is a very popular desert dish throughout the Hispanic world. Flan can basically be described as a custard dish topped with a layer of soft carmel, the custard typically being made with condensed milk, milk, and eggs. If you are wondering como hacer flan, or how to make flan, the recipe is actually quite simple. And while flan is certainly a very tasty desert, there are also numerous other recetas de postres you might try out. If you are interested in recetas de postres you can also look online. Overall, there are many different delicious Hispanic desserts to make and try.