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Longshore act

More than half of the workforce in Afghanistan and Iraq worked for the US Department of Defense in 2011. In 1920, the Merchant Seaman Protection and Relief Act was designed to supply a similar protection as workers compensation for people working as longshoremen, seamen, or other types of marine workers. The current maximum wage replacement rate $1,295.20 per week whereas the current minimum replacement wage rate sits at just $323.80. One aspect of the Defense Base Act that makes it ‘claimant friendly’ is how it handles Defense Base Act attorneys fees. If you find yourself in a situation where you might want to talk to a Defense base act lawyer, take some time to do the research and find one that can help you get a successful claim.

The Longshore harbor workers compensation act, part of the DBA, is an extension of the traditional Workers Compensation program that applies to individuals who are working overseas and on defense bases that may be injured or suffer hardships during their employment. These cases are typically handled by a Defense Base Act lawyer when it comes time to file the claim, in the event of a dispute, and they are typically handled just the same as a workers compensation claim. The best thing to do when looking for a Defense Base Act lawyer to handle your claim under the Longshore act is to start exploring the options available to you in your area or to start searching the Internet for reputable Defense Base Act lawyers.