Make Your Next Move Easier With Physics!



The average couch weighs about 120 pounds. Refrigerators are 200-250 pounds, depending on the age of your model (the newer ones are a little lighter). And while it’s impossible to calculate the average weight of your boxes before they’re all packed up for a move, the average number of boxes is easy to predict – a lot of them.

The bottom line is simple: unless you’ve shelled out a small fortune for a full-service moving company, you’re going to be lifting and hauling many, many heavy things during your next move. And basic physics tells us “a heavy thing only gets heavier when you have to go up a silly little ramp into a rental truck” (okay, I might have paraphrased that formula a little).

Enter moving and storage pods – the solution your back has
been begging for. Even if you ignore the fact that they’re delivered right to your house (saving you multiple trips to the truck rental place), or that they can be delivered to your new house just as easily, or that they can double as storage pods before and after your move… they sit at ground level. Your otherwise precarious journey up a rickety metal ramp into the back of a truck turns into a simple foot-friendly six-inch step into the unit.

Moving a refrigerator on a hand-truck? No problem. With one person on the dolly and one person in front of the fridge, navigating the step up into the unit is as easy as a quick lift and bump, and neither of you has to take your life into your hands as you both tightrope-walk 200 pounds up a 20-degree ramp. Seen in this light, storage and moving pods could be literal life-savers.

If you choose the self moving option, you obviously aren’t afraid of a little hard work. But don’t make that work any harder or more dangerous than you absolutely have to. Remember, gravity is the natural enemy of people who are carrying heavy boxes or trying to move furniture or appliances. Let moving and storage pods utilize the immutable laws of physics and geometry to make your next move easier and safer. Because flatter is better. Good refereneces: