Decorations and Electrical Fires Stay Safe This Holiday Season


Rubber grommet sizes

Did you know that Christmas trees, lights, and candles start an average of 260 electrical fires per year? In any given year, these fires will kill 12 people, injure 24, and result in 16.4 million dollars worth of property damage. What simple tools and precautions can keep families safe during the holidays and throughout the year?

Rubber Grommets and Insulation

Year-round, households can count on rubber grommets to keep them safe. Rubber grommet sizes vary a great deal, and homeowners can use grommets to redirect wires and cables from furniture and any sharp edges and corners. Rubber grommets are typically pretty hardy, and many of them can even be used to withstand high temperatures and pressures in a manufacturing setting. Hard plastic desk grommets are also a popular, inexpensive choice for everyday use.

Although grommets are not entirely necessary for the Christmas tree or roof, some of the same principles can be applied. Prevent electrical fires and accidents by keeping Christmas tree lights protected, insulated, and well away from any threats. For example, make sure lights are not dragging on the floor. Lights and cords on the floor may cause damage and wear. Pets may gnaw or chew on wires if they are left on, or too close to, floors.

Bolt Covers and Fasteners

Every day of the year, it is important to make sure electrical parts, machinery, and equipment stay securely and reliably fastened. Bolt covers, for example, fit over bolts, nuts, and external threads to protect them from weathering, chemicals, corrosion, abrasion, and wear. Nylon nut covers protect electronics from potentially dangerous vibrations and torque as well.

Bolt covers keep electronics safe by ensuring a dependable and stable connection. Applying the same principles to holiday lights, once again, becomes important. In order to keep lights safe and secure, make sure they are firmly fastened. Make sure individual lights are screwed in properly, and prevent electrical shorts and accidents by making sure outdoor lights are securely fastened to the roof.

Christmas lights can be striking and festive, but – without the proper installation and care – they can also pose significant risks of fire, accidents, and injury. Stay safe this holiday season by protecting light stands, fastening lights, and applying basic electrical wiring care and precautions. Ger more information on this topic here: