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The only public auction of elk antlers in the entire world is held in the Jackson Town Square, on the third Saturday in May every year. These antlers are shed by the elk which live in the National Elk Refuge, just outside of Jackson, which are collected by the local Boy Scouts and then sold so that the proceeds can go back to the elk feeding program that makes it all possible. This is just one example of the slice of Americana that you will find in the Jackson area, and one of the reasons why Jackson hole real estate for sale is such a promising prospect for home buyers and investors.

Jackson Hole homes for sale are mainly located within the town of Jackson itself, which has an average commuting time of 12 minutes to and from work. There are a lot of great reasons to consider Jackson hole real estate for sale if you are looking for a new place to settle down, and many of them have to do with the state of Wyoming itself. Wyoming is a very business friendly state, which is why Jackson Hole property for sale is such a highly prized commodity. Jackson Hole commercial real estate is in a state that has no corporate income tax, no personal income tax, as well as no inventory tax and a sales tax of 4 percent .

For business owners that want to attract some of the best and brightest, Jackson also boasts a highly educated population, making Jackson Hole real estate for sale a great buy both for commercial investors and for potential employees that want to be near their new job locations. Wyoming taxpayers enjoy the second lowest tax burden in the nation, and thanks to Moran WY real estate options they can also enjoy beautiful surroundings and locales as well. Jackson Hole realtors may be able to help you find the Jackson Hole real estate for sale that will be right for your needs, whether you are a business or a family that wants to find a new place to call home. As it is reliant on mineral extraction and tourism, everyone can benefit from the low tax burdens in Wyoming, and the potential for new job and business development is what makes Jackson Hole ranches for sale and other Jackson Hole real estate for sale such a hot commodity.
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