A Next Generation Network Helps Protect Business Devices


Next generation firewall

On a daily basis, 9,500 malicious websites are detected by Google, a number that includes legitimate sites that have been turned into platforms for spreading malware. With the best possible next gen network security platform you will be able to make sure that your company does not fall victim to any type of virus or spyware. Invest in an enterprise firewall so that you can protect your networks from being compromised by a group of hackers trying to steal your information.

An intrusion detection system will help you prevent problems relating to computer viruses from slowing down your company’s operation. There have been several recent examples of how these viruses have caused harm to companies that do not have the proper next generation network in place. In October 2011, a hacker invaded files in the South Carolina Department of Revenue and gained access to over 3.5 million tax returns. The federal government has reported an increase of cybersecurity breaches of almost 680 percent in the past six years. With an appropriate next generation network that contains a sufficient intrusion prevention system you will be able to stop these breaches before they become a problem.

Firewalls are important for every business that is connected to the Internet no matter how large or small their operation, in order to prevent their system from attacks. Without a next generation network to help you stop cybersecurity attacks, the results of an attack can be devastating. 76 percent of companies reported that their reputation was damaged because of a breach in their cybersecurity. In some cases, not having the right next generation network can even cost you money, if sensitive customer information is compromised such as billing or credit card details.

To resolve this issue and make sure your company is protected, find a security specialist that can equip you with a reliable next generation network. The best possible next generation network for your business is one that fits the scale of your system and will help you handle the computing tasks you need to manage so that your organization enjoys the maximum possible amount of success. A great network will be an invaluable part of ensuring that your computers stay running at all times so that your staff members can handle their responsibilities and your customers do not have to stress that their information might be compromised because your network is not as secure as it should be.
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