How to Use a Generator Size Calculator for a Standby Electric Generator


Are you interested in calculating the size of a standby electric generator using a generator size calculator? When generator expert, Jared, explains how to size a standby electric generator for your home in this video. Watch the entire video to hear an in-depth rundown on how you can measure the size of your standby electric generator.

A really great tool and resource is an online calculator that they offer on their own website. You will fill in the answers to the questions asked like the size of your home as well as what your central air conditional size is.

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These are very important when figuring out what size generator you are in need of. You also need to figure out what you want to power with this generator, the whole house, or if you want to customize it to just generate certain areas and appliances. This all factors into which size generator you are in need of because you don’t want to buy a small one that isn’t going to power all of the appliances you want. Understanding how much power you actually need is a very important aspect of this entire process.