How to Pick the Best Water Heater for Your Home


Your water heater is something you don’t think much about until it stops working. When it stops working it is frustrating but also an opportunity to upgrade to a new and more efficient model. Keep reading to learn how to pick the best water heater for your home.

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When it comes to fuel type there are four options, gas, electric, liquid propane, and hybrid electric units.

Gas systems cost the least and are not affected by power outs. However, gas systems must be vented outdoors.

Electric systems are the easiest to maintain and heat water quickly. Unlike gas systems, they do not need to be vented outside.

Another option is liquid propane. Liquid propane systems are not affected by power outages and they heat more water per hour than standard electric models.

The last option is hybrid electric units. While these units are a larger investment upfront, they heat water faster than other models and are economical.

To learn more about how to pick the best water heater for your home, watch the video above!