How to Get Your Magazine Mobile


Due to the advent of the internet, online magazines are a growing trend, albeit a relatively nascent industry. Serving every niche of the consumer market, online magazines are beginning to overtake print magazines in readership and popularity, and the best online magazine design will specifically target its demographic. In fact, according to think tank Pew Research Center, the revenue from print magazines top two sources (advertising and sales) continued to drop in 2011 while online numbers soared. What is experiencing the biggest increase? Mobile platforms, and as such, many print magazines are not only creating their online counterpart, but the best online magazines are developing a mobile platform as well. The key to success is uncovering the best online magazine design to accommodate both online and mobile trends.

Eighty one percent of mobile users say they consume news daily on their devices. In alignment with the mobile trend, computer giant, Apple, reported that it sold nearly 25 million iPads worldwide in 2011. In addition, according to Nielsen research, consumer purchases of smartphones have doubled since 2009. As more and more readers migrate to mobile and digital platforms to get their entertainment, news, and other sources of information, a slew of new opportunities have opened for magazine publishers.

For designers seeking inspiration, there are loads of free best online magazine design ideas. A few of the top best online magazine sources include GizMag, A List Apart, ArtzMania, among many, many others. The best online magazine design shares qualities akin to its print counterparts. They provide up to date content along with ideas and reviews for the best online magazine software, etc. Most of the best magazine online have established readership numbers, and as a result, a lot of credibility.

Incorporating ideas for the best online magazine design or best online magazine layout is important. But in addition to having the best online magazine design, the best online magazine websites will serve a specific niche, audience, or purpose. For example, many online magazines offer free content that is comparable (if not equal) to their print counterpart, such as the best online music magazine, Rolling Stone, while others have transcended into the online only model, such as Rue and Matchbook. Some of the best online magazine websites, such as Travel and Leisure, offer free content only to their paid, print subscribers.