How to Find the Top Rated Body Camera


In today’s climate, police perception has been unfairly mischaracterized by the mainstream media. While the average police officer is a good American citizen who wants to protect and serve his or her community, the current narrative is that police abuse their power. This is largely because many officers simply are not able to share their side of the story.

It may seem like there is no way to fight against these untruths, however, that is not true. The best way to stop the spreading of a lie is to replace it with the truth, which is why it is vital for officers to use a top rated body camera and dash camera. While it makes intuitive sense that being able to record an interaction with the public would help to show the real side of police in America, the numbers prove it as well: according to Pew Research Center 93% of the American public favor the use of dash cameras or body cameras to record interactions with citizens, as well as two thirds of police officers.

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An in-car camera system can only help police officers ensure that justice is being served and that our communities are safe.