How to Find the Best Home Cleaning Service


Occasionally, hiring a cleaning service for your convenience and budget helps out tremendously. Read on to figure out how to decide on the best one:

1. Referral of friends and family
Having experienced the service, they’ll be able to recommend the best.

2. Online reviews
A decent rating, with a few bad reviews, is acceptable, while all-perfect reviews are quite unrealistic.

3. Bonding, insurance, and worker’s compensation
These are the reasons a cleaning company charges more than individual cleaners. Bonding ensures compensation if something gets stolen from your home.

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Insurance compensates for broken or damaged goods. Worker’s compensation ensures anyone who gets injured is compensated.

4. Experience, Affiliations, and Accreditations
These account for the credibility of the company, based on how long they’ve been running the business.

5. Cleaning Supplies
If the customer is to provide the cleaning supplies and tools, it would be more hygienic and convenient than the company using the same supplies and tools across homes, with no guarantee of hygiene.

6. Business Type
This lets you determine if the business is an actual service provider or a sharing economy website.