How to Figure Out Which Outlet You Should Buy


When you are building a new home or when you need to replace the current outlets in your home, you should research which one is the best. In this video, an expert goes over what the best outlet there is today and which one you should buy, including 5 20 outlets. The outlets in this video look very alike, but one has an extension that is a T-shaped open for a neutral wire connection.

Video Source

The outlet on the right is a 20 amp outlet, while the one on the left is a 15 amp outlet. You should choose the outlet that will best fit you and your needs. There is different wiring for each outlet because they meet different amps, so it’s important to keep this in mind if you are planning on replacing the outlet yourself. You should contact a professional electrician to replace the outlet for you, so you don’t cause any electrical issues that could damage or harm anything or anyone in your home.

Watch this entire video to hear all of the differences between these two outlets and to figure out which one would be best for your home.