Getting the Right Clothes for the Job


Maintenance uniforms

Fireproof clothing is not just for firefighters and emergency first responders. A FR coverall has become standard maintenance uniforms for many professionals. Men and womens fire resistant clothing and fr coveralls are worn on the job site for people who work near flames, flammable chemicals, in petrochemical plants and near high powered lines and equipment. Even if you are not in one of these positions you may still wish to invest in an fr coverall.

An FR coverall can also be an arc rated clothing item. Arc flash protective clothing protects workers from high powered lines that may generate arcs and thus catch surrounding items on fire. An arc can happen at anytime, and the fire that results can be devastating. FR coveralls are not only a good idea, they are OSHA required for many work sites.

Vendors for fire proof and arc rated coveralls can help individuals find the right job site uniform for their job. Discuss with the sales person your requirements and the conditions at your place of employment. If you do not have this data available, ask your employer for this information and purchase the proper fr coverall.

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